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Someone you know will no longer be able to vote

Jeremy Sprinkle
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UPDATE: Bill is moving fast through the state Senate

Use this tool to make your phone calls, ASAP!

Our immoral legislature is about to pass "Worst Voter Suppression Bill In The Nation"

"Voting in North Carolina may soon change, much in the same way a wrecking ball changes a building." -- Think Progress, 7/23/2013

We need your help today to stop an extreme attack on your right to vote!

This morning, NC Senate leaders rewrote an already unnecessary, restrictive voter ID bill to include a nightmarish set of anti-voting measures that could keep thousands of people from voting in the state.

This new version of HB-589 is by far the most anti-democratic bill of the session. "Among the dozens of changes, these are the most onerous for North Carolina voters," as outlined by Think Progress:

  • Implementing a strict voter ID requirement that bars citizens who don’t have a proper photo ID from casting a ballot.
  • Eliminating same-day voter registration, which allowed residents to register at the polls.
  • Cutting early voting by a full week.
  • Increasing the influence of money in elections by raising the maximum campaign contribution to $5,000 and increasing the limit every two years.
  • Making it easier for voter suppression groups like True The Vote to challenge any voter who they think may be ineligible by requiring that challengers simply be registered in the same county, rather than precinct, of those they challenge.
  • Vastly increasing the number of “poll observers” and increasing what they’re permitted to do. In 2012, ThinkProgress caught the Romney campaign training such poll observers using highly misleading information.
  • Only permitting citizens to vote in their specific precinct, rather than casting a ballot in any nearby election district. This can lead to widespread confusion, particularly in urban areas where many precincts can often be housed in the same building.
  • Barring young adults from pre-registering as 16- and 17-year-olds, which is permitted by current law, and repealing a state directive that high schools conduct voter registration drives in order to boost turnout among young voters.
  • Prohibiting paid voter registration drives, which tend to register poor and minority citizens.
  • Dismantling three state public financing programs, including the landmark program that funded judicial elections.
  • Weakening disclosure requirements for outside spending groups.
  • Preventing counties from extending polling hours in the event of long lines or other extraordinary circumstances and making it more difficult for them to accommodate elderly or disabled voters with satellite polling sites at nursing homes, for instance.

We need you to take action right now and make three calls:

1. Speaker Thom Tillis: 919-733-3451

2. Representative David Lewis (chair of the House Elections committee): 919-715-3015

3. Your own representative: (look them up  at

When you call, you will likely speak to a legislative aide or get voice mail; just provide your name and location and ask these House members to stand up to the Senate and protect access to the ballot in North Carolina by opposing HB 589!

My name is ________. I live in __________, NC. I want you to stand up to the Senate and protect access to the ballot in North Carolina by opposing House Bill 589!

Thank you for your help-we'll keep you updated as this bill continues to move in the final days of session.