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Sign on for Collective Bargaining Rights

Jeremy Sprinkle
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HOPE Coalition Seeks 1,000 Signatures for Letter to Lawmakers

When it comes to setting the conditions of their employment, union members know that only a collective bargaining agreement gives them a voice at work. North Carolina's public employees, unfortunately, have no such protection. Since 1958, General Statue 95-98 has outlawed contracts between state, county and municipal governments and their employees.

As a core member of the Hear Our Public Employees Coalition, our State Federation has been part of the strongest push in recent memory for repeal of the law that prohibits collective bargaining agreements in North Carolina. A bill that would do just that, HB 1583, passed out of a Judiciary committee and is now in the Appropriations committee. It was the first occasion in memory that legislation on this issue has made it through a committee. Although the bill still faces a difficult path, it remains alive.

To build support for passage of HB 1583, HOPE has set a goal of collecting 1,000 signatures onto an open letter to lawmakers. Both individuals and organizations can join this effort.

We urge you to be a signer on the open letter to North Carolina legislators. Download the sign-on page, complete the form at the bottom, and return it to HOPE to add your signature. After you add your signature, ask your local union, friends, family, church or civic group to consider doing the same.

Public employees of state and local governments provide essential services to the citizens of North Carolina. Everyday these civil servants deliver for the people of our great state. Now we can return the favor by delivering for them our 1,000 signatures to the General Assembly. Sign on for collective bargaining rights, today!