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Share a "Thank You" on Labor Day

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Create and share your own "thanks"

Whatever you do, wherever you are, the work of others makes the work you do possible. The AFL-CIO has come up with an awesome new app that lets you say "Thanks for the work you do" to a special worker in your life whose deserves recognition. On the new app, at, participants can send innovative thank you cards through Facebook and email to friends and others whose work they depend on.

“Labor Day should be about more than the unofficial end of summer. Each of us relies on the work of others, and Labor Day should be a time to recognize all those contributions,” said AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler.  “Our work binds us together, and as Americans, we’re stronger when we celebrate those ties that make us better.”

Participants can choose from eight different online and paper cards that carry messages like:

  • That barbecue didn’t make itself. Labor Day, brought to you by hard-working people. Like you. Thanks for the work you do.
  • Work, babies, and the smell of bacon. Three things worth getting up for. The work you do every day really matters. Thanks for everything you do.
  • Work is collar-blind. Whether your name is on your front pocket or the front office, everyone’s work matters. Thanks for the work you do.

The online app also features videos from people, including actor Martin Sheen, recognizing the work of people they rely on every day.  (Sheen recognizes his newspaper delivery person.)  Participants can create and load their own video thank-you, like this one, from actor Gabrielle Carteris, thanking teachers:

Go to to create and share your own Thank You e-Card or video, today!