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Sen. Hagan Declares Support for the Public Option

Jeremy Sprinkle
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The U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee has released - with Senator Hagan's support - health care reform legislation that would cover 97% of Americans at a 10-year cost of $600 billion - hundreds of billions less than an earlier proposal that did not include a public option.

The HELP committee's proposal includes a "Community Health Insurance Option," which would be available nationwide on day one, giving consumers the choice of a low-cost alternative to for-profit managed care.

The HELP committee bill includes an employer mandate, which would required employers to provide insurance or pay into the public plan. Unlike other proposals being considered by the Senate Finance Committee, the HELP bill would not tax employer provided benefits to pay for reform.

Call Sen. Hagan at 877-662-2889 with your thanks

After thanking Sen. Hagan for siding with the public on a public health care option, you can remind her final health care reform legislation must:

  • Include a public health insurance option that will bring down costs and guarantee quality affordable health care for all.
  • Require employers to pay their fair share to prevent them from shifting costs for their workers to taxpayers and firms that offer good benefits.
  • Ensure affordable coverage for pre-Medicare retirees, who cannot get affordable coverage on their own.
  • Reject schemes to tax health benefits, which would unfairly raise costs for workers - especially vulnerable workers.