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Sen. Grassley's Prescription for Health Care Reform

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Support Health Care for America Now"Go work for the federal government."

Members of Congress who oppose real health care reform that includes a public plan - including Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley - are themselves beneficiaries of government provided health care. And it's a really sweet deal, far nicer than the average Iowan (or North Carolinian for that matter) can afford.

Perhaps that's why Senator Grassley, attending a meeting of his constituents back in Iowa on June 30, told one questioner that if he wants a more affordable health care plan than what he can buy as a private citizen, he should "go work for the federal government."

QUESTIONNER: "I pay about $3,700 a year for a $1,000 deductible and $5,000 maximum out of pocket. Why is your insurance so much cheaper than my insurance and better than my insurance. I think I should have the same insurance you have." Watch this video:

Senator Grassley (age 64) pays $356.59 per month for health care (for his entire family), $20 co-pay for doctors visits, and the most he pays when visiting a hospital is a $300 deductible. John Aravosis of AMERICAblog:

"So you see, it's only socialism when you and I want the same sweet deal that members of Congress like Chuck Grassley, Max Baucus, and Mary Landrieu have."

Well then, let's all apply for a job with the federal government!

At the Health Care for American Now (HCAN) web site, you can apply for a job with Senator Grassley's office! That's one way to get the same benefits as our senators.

Of course, that's not a real solution. Instead, Senators like Chuck Grassley, Max Baucus, and Mary Landrieu could support health care reform that provides quality, affordable health care for every American as good as what they get (and we pay for).