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Save the date to Save Our Postal Service (3/24)

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Rallies in Raleigh and Charlotte to save 6-day delivery

The National Association of Letter Carriers is taking action to rally support to save America's Postal Service and Saturday delivery with rallies in Raleigh and Charlotte on Sunday, March 24. There are over 35,000 good-paying, union jobs at stake.

The timing of the rallies provide a perfect opportunity to remind representatives in Washington to keep the six-day mail delivery language in the continuing budget resolution, expected to be renewed by Congress on March 27.

"We want to make this fight about the cost of losing Saturday mail delivery and how it would affect people in each and every state," NALC President Fredric Rolando said.

What: Rally to save Saturday mail delivery
When: Sunday, March 24 at 2:00 PM
Where: Two locations in North Carolina

In Raleigh: Old State Capitol building (south side), W Morgan St & Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601
In Charlotte: Carmel Post Office, 6300 Carmel Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226

Click here to download the flyer for the Raleigh rally.

Click here to download the flyer for the Charlotte rally.

Postmaster not above the law

In early February, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe announced he would take unilateral action to end Saturday mail delivery, despite Congress having adopted legislation to the contrary. Calling such a move "disastrous", President Roland predicted it would have a "profoundly negative effect on the Postal Service and on millions of customers," including for rural communities, the elderly, and for businesses large and small. In fact, even FedEx and UPS rely on the USPS to deliver for them.

"Slowing mail service and degrading our unmatchable last-mile delivery network are not the answers to the Postal Service’s financial problems." -- NALC President Fredric Rolando, 2/6/13

Please support our brothers and sisters in the Letter Carriers union on March 24th by rallying to the cause of saving Saturday mail delivery!

For questions about the Raleigh rally, contact Cliff Davidson at 919-636-0423 or Craig Schadewald at 252-229-6942.

For questions about the Charlotte rally, call Tim Rorie at 704-905-9406 or Fred Vance at 704-408-5373.