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Same Day Registration in Effect for 2007 Elections

Jeremy Sprinkle
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The NC State AFL-CIO is an active supporter of voting rights, and in July of this year, we celebrated the passage of landmark election reform. House Bill 91 established "Same Day Registration" at all one-stop early voting sites. The law will allow citizens to show up at any early voting location, present proof of name and current address, register on-site and immediately cast a ballot.

Democracy NC has produced a simple, nonpartisan card - "Guide to Use Same-Day Registration & Voting" - with key information about Who, When, Where and How to use this new tool for citizen empowerment; it's 1/3 of a page in size. If you or your organization would like to help distribute this guide, Democracy NC can provide these by the dozens, 100s or 1,000s. Contact Bob Hall for more information.

"Same Day Registration" is only available during the early voting period, and is not possible on Election Day. Citizens must still register 25 days in advance if they want to vote on Election Day itself.