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Same-Day Registration to become law in NC

Jeremy Sprinkle
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"Democracy has won a fresh vote of confidence in North Carolina" begins the News & Observer's July 14 editorial on the passage by the General Assembly of a bill to allow on-site registration at all early-voting places in our state.

Indeed, the legislation, which is now headed to Gov. Easley for his signature, is a landmark victory for voting rights in the South.

North Carolinians will no longer have to register 25 days prior to Election Day in order to cast their ballots, if they take advantage of the two and a half week period allotted for voting early. Residents can go to any one-stop early voting site, present proof of residence, register to vote and immediately cast their ballot.

Read a letter from the State Board of Elections describing same-day registration. See how your Representatives voted.

Thanks to the many of our e-activist members who sent letters to their legislators.