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Sabra Jean Faires for NC Supreme Court

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Working people will fare better with a Justice Faires on the court

NC State AFL-CIO has endorsed Sabra Jean Faires for election as the next justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court. Primary voters will decide June 7 if Faires makes it onto the ballot in November. Early voting runs May 26 to June 4.

In the May 18th issue of Indy Week, Bob Geary describes the race to fill the Edmunds seat on the NC Supreme Court as the quiet election that could save the state:

It's a choice you probably didn't know you have, in an election that you may not have known is happening. But it is happening, and it's as important an election for the future of North Carolina as any that will be on the ballot this year.

If not for Sabra Jean Faires, there wouldn't be a contested election at all. That's because the Republican legislature passed a law that would have all but guaranteed Republicans retain control of the Supreme Court by allowing Justice Edmunds to run without opposition if he chose, which he did.

"I thought, this is a total outrage," Faires toldIndy Week. "This is nothing but blatant partisan politics."

Faires sued the state and won a summary judgement that the legislature's retention election scheme was unconstitutional, and a partisan 3-3 tie on the NC Supreme Court let the lower court ruling stand.

Thanks to Sabra Jean Faires, North Carolina voters will get to decide the balance of power on the high court, and with it, the fate of state Republicans' attempt to illegally gerrymander permanent legislative and congressional majorities.

Watch and share this video to learn more about Sabra Jean Faires and why she decided to run for a seat on our state's highest court:

Visit to learn more about Sabra Jean Faires for Justice.

Read Indy Week's coverage of the NC Supreme Court race.

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Grab this flyer (PDF)