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Russell the Hound on the hunt for N.C.'s best public investments

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Because North Carolina IS worth it

North Carolina's state dog is the Plott Hound. As tax day approaches, our friends and coalition partners at Together NC have enlisted a hound of their own to sniff out examples of the Old North State's best public investments.

Beginning Monday, April 9th, Russell the Hound will visit important investments like schools, parks, police stations and more to send this message about taxes: "NORTH CAROLINA IS WORTH IT."

If this video doesn't make you smile, we don't know what will. Click here to watch the video:

"When we invest in the future, that future gets brighter. Taxes fund these vital public investments that help keep our kids educated and our streets safe.

"Follow Russell the Hound's adventures in video and pictures on the Together NC FACEBOOK & TWITTER pages. We're sure you'll agree: North Carolina is worth it."

Here are the links to those pages: and!/togethernc.

Learn more at about Together NC at