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Richard Burr is the Candidate for Big Business

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Elaine Marshall is for the rest of us

Fred Erwin is a professional firefighter for the City of Greensboro and member of Local 947. Fred says it's the greed of Wall Street and big business that created our current jobs crisis. Richard Burr made it possible by voting for trade agreements that ship our jobs overseas. He also voted against unemployment benefits for workers who have had to live with the consequences of his votes. In Richard Burr, big business has its candidate. Working families need a candidate who's for the rest of us.

Watch the video:

"Richard Burr has voted for CAFTA. Richard Burr has voted against unemployment benefits. That is definitely not what working people need. He has proven through his record that his concerns are not about the working class."

Richard Burr voted against reigning in corrupt practices on Wall Street and enacting new consumer protections when he voted against financial reform.

Richard Burr voted repeatedly against extension of unemployment benefits for those who lost their jobs because of Wall Street's greed.

Richard Burr voted against the largest ever middle-class tax cut and economic recovery when he voted against the Recovery Act.

Richard Burr voted against ending health insurance company abuses and reducing the federal deficit when he voted against health reform.

Richard Burr voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Richard Burr voted against helping small businesses get the credit they need to expand and start hiring.

Richard Burr voted against ending tax breaks for companies that ship our jobs overseas.

We need a new U.S. Senator from North Carolina who will be a candidate for working families. Elaine Marshall is that candidate, and that's why she has received the endorsement of your union.