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Republicans attack local authority to allow dues deduction

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Update: Despite your calls and our lobbying against it, HB 677 did pass the state house on Monday night. The bill now moves to the state senate. See how your state representative voted. Be sure to let him or her know how you feel about their vote! Let's hold accountable all those who voted to strip local authority to allow dues deduction!

Recent wins would be reversed by HB 677

Earlier this year we twice reported that local government workers who are union members won the convenience and simple respect of having union dues voluntarily deducted from their paychecks, first in Charlotte and in Greensboro soon afterwards. For firefighters and other city workers, these were important victories that will strengthen their unions’ ability to organize and be effective advocates for their members and the communities in which they live.

Now, Republican state legislators have introduced a bill to undo those hard-won victories, an act in keeping with House Speaker Thom Tillis' promise at the start of the 2013 legislative session to keep North Carolina the least unionized state in the nation - by any means necessary.

Republicans brought up the dues bill, House Bill 677, for a vote in committee this week with zero public notice, just because they had the votes to pass it.

Typically, bills are put on the calendar so other lawmakers, the press, and the public can know what bills will be up for a vote and when. That didn't happen this time, and now HB 677 will be voted on by the full House on Monday night! 

Call BEFORE 6PM, MONDAY to save dues checkoff!

Look up the name of your state representative in the General Assembly, and call him or her as soon as possible. Leave a message if you have to, and call back Monday if you can. House lawmakers need to hear from you before they go into session at 6 o'clock Monday evening.

Tell your state representative:

"VOTE NO on HB 677, the bill to take away local authority to allow voluntary union dues deduction."

Cities and counties should make their own decisions about dues deduction, just like most municipalities already allow payroll deductions for other organizations like United Way. Since they do it for other organizations, it is not that costly, and in some cases, the union has agreed to pay a setup fee.

Furthermore, dues deductions are completely voluntary. Only employees who sign an authorization form have the dues deducted.

The anti-dues bill is yet another attack on local control by an out-of-control state legislature that has already voted to steal Asheville's water supplytake away Charlotte's airportrestrict local housing ordinances, and invalidate local environmental rules.