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Report: Mondelēz-Nabisco Exploits Workers, Damages Communities

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Breaking Faith: Outsourcing and the Damage Done to our Communities

Interfaith Worker Justice recently published a report following a four-month international investigation into Mondelēz outsourcing of good, family-sustaining jobs to Mexico where workers only make about a dollar an hour.

This report illustrates the systematic erosion of American manufacturing through a business model that exploits working people in high-wage and low-wage economies, and belies the family-friendly promise of the Oreo brand. We talked to bakers and traveled to Mexico to learn specifically about Mondelēz-Nabisco, but the story here could be told about many American corporations.

Mondelēz International, the parent corporation of Nabisco-brand products, embarked on an aggressive cost cutting plan that invested more than $500 million dollars in Mexico to create and operate a lower-cost production alternative and used this new facility to supplant its United States-based workforce. This has resulted in the movement of hundreds of good-paying United States-based jobs to across the border, exploiting both American and Mexican workers, devastating families and communities, and enriching corporate executives by using the consumers
to fund its plan to pad investor and executives payouts.

This report is a call to action and a call for worker justice as a means remedy this corporate fleecing of American Manufacturing and resulting systemic injustices faced by working people in the United States and in Mexico.

Click here to read the report (PDF).

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Support the consumer boycott of Mondelez-Nabisco products by checking the label for "Made in Mexico" before buying Oreos, Ritz, and other Nabisco products.