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Public Safety Worker Collective Bargaining Bill at Risk

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Call Sen. Kay Hagan to Demand Vote on S.3991

The United States Senate is expected to vote on Wednesday on whether or not to debate the National Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act (S.3991). The bill would extend minimum collective bargaining rights nationwide to firefighters, police, EMS, and other public safety workers. It overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House earlier this year by a margin of 314-97.

Don't let this good bill - like so many others - die in the U.S. Senate. Call 202-224-6342, and demand a vote on S.3991.

Opponents of this critical workers' rights legislation are urging Senator Kay Hagan to break her campaign promise of support for this bill. Organizations like the North Carolina League of Municipalities and National Right to Work (for less) are working the phones hard to make sure that happens. The League claims 500 members in our state, and each city and county could potentially generate several calls to Sen. Hagan.

We must not get outworked on this! Kay Hagan needs to hear from all of us. Take 5 and call her Washington and Greensboro offices:

  • Call her in Washington at 202-224-6342
  • Call her in Greensboro at 336-333-5311
  • Ask her to "Vote for cloture on S.3991, the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act."

Make the calls because "the opportunity we have now is our last best chance of making history," says Dave Coker, VP of Local 947 in Greensboro:

"That is all you have to do. Taking this 5 minutes out of your day could have huge returns for your future.It is imperative that all union members make these calls.This may be our last opportunity for years to come."

The public safety worker collective bargaining bill has majority support in the Senate. If only we can overcome the procedural obstacle to get an up or down vote, it will likely pass. Opponents of the legislation know this, so they are pulling out all the stops to prevent an up or down vote.

Let your voice be heard by Senator Hagan's office. Don't let the opposition carry the day because we didn't make the calls like they did.

Take 5 for workers' rights and make the calls to 202-224-6342 and 336-333-5311, today!