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Protect Farmworkers - Tell McCrory to Veto HB74!

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Farmwork is hard enough without politicians piling on

We are down to the wire, and we desperately need your help.

Last week, the N.C. General Assembly passed HB 74, creating even more obstacles for farmworkers - who are already excluded from the protections of every major labor law - to organize and win supply chain agreements.

Fortunately, there’s still time to stop it.

Governor McCrory has said he is considering vetoing this bill. We need your voice to make sure he makes the right decision. This omnibus bill is full of harmful attacks on workers' rights, environmental protections, and public health.

This is our last chance to pressure McCrory to veto this bill and stop it from becoming law.

Take action now to tell Governor McCrory that North Carolinians do not support this bad bill - one that not only endangers the freedom of association for farmworkers, but also the state environment and our health.

Fire off a quick email to Governor McCrory, today.

FLOC President Baldemar Velasquez spoke at a recent Moral Monday, where he talked about how tobacco farmworkers in North Carolina are the most-exploited workers in our state. If HB 74 becomes law because the Governor refuses to veto this bad legislation, that exploitation will continue unchecked.

Listen to Baldemar's speech to Moral Monday: