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President Obama unveils proposals to guarantee paid leave

Jeremy Sprinkle
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It's time for us to #LeadonLeave

This week President Obama unveiled new proposals to guarantee paid leave to federal employees and is calling on Congress to guarantee the same for all American workers. The U.S. Department of Labor launched a new website and video to promote the policy change and the fact that only 12 percent of private sector workers have access to paid family leave.

Watch the video, It's Time to Lead on Leave:

Did you know? The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without any paid family leave law. With the changing nature of our 21st-century workforce, it's getting harder and harder to balance the demands of the family you love and the job you need. Change has yet to come to Washington, but momentum is growing in the states: So far, California, Rhode Island and New Jersey have passed paid leave laws. It's time to update workplace policies that are stuck in the past and give more Americans paid family leave – to take care of sick loved ones and newborn children. Learn more: