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Predatory Real Estate Practice Focus of New Bill

Jeremy Sprinkle
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NC Justice Center urging state lawmakers to support SB1015

The NC Justice Center needs our help to pressure state house members to support a senate bill that would crack down on predatory real estate practices:

Next Tuesday, May 25th, the NC House Committee on Financial Institutions will meet to discuss SB1015, The Homeowner and Homebuyer Protection Act, sponsored by Senator Josh Stein.

This bill would prohibit foreclosure rescue scams and create reasonable regulation and standards for option to purchase or "rent to own" contracts and contracts for deeds.  These scams and unscrupulous real estate transactions are used to exploit and manipulate families struggling to pay a home loan or families who are having trouble obtaining a loan to purchase a home.

You can help by contacting members of the House Financial Institutions Committee and urging them to vote YES on SB1015 next Tuesday. Click here for the list of targets and their phone numbers / email addresses.

Please also contact Rep. Joe Hackney, Speaker of the House, [email protected], 919-733-3451 (Chatham, Moore, Orange).

What's the message we need to send to these lawmakers?:

We're telling legislators the following: In these challenging economic times, as many North Carolinians face lost jobs and the threat of foreclosure, we must make sure that struggling homeowners and aspiring  homebuyers are protected from predatory real estate practices.  Vote yes on the Homeowner and Homebuyer Protection Act SB1015 to protect the economic well-being of your community and your constituents.

The NC Justice Center has created an easy way for you to email your own state house representative. Click here for that and for more information about this campaign.