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Petition: Support the creation of quality jobs in NC

Jeremy Sprinkle
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When full-time work doesn't guarantee your economic security, that's a problem

Sign the NC Justice Center petition calling for NC politicians to push policies that will lead to quality job creation.

These days, having a full-time job is no longer a guarantee of financial security. Fewer and fewer jobs provide the wages, benefits, and opportunities for upward advancement that make it possible for workers to make ends meet and for local economies to thrive.

North Carolina needs policies that support quality job creation.

Sign here to call on our elected leaders to embrace the policies that can ensure economy-boosting jobs in our communities.

The debate about how many jobs have been created in the past year misses a key aspect of job creation affecting workers, their families and the broader community: the quality of the jobs that have been created. The lack of quality jobs today means it is harder for working people to earn their way to security, opportunity and prosperity – in short, many current jobs will never afford workers a taste of the American Dream.

This Labor Day weekend, join us in calling on Governor Pat McCrory to focus on creating quality jobs by enacting policies proven to deliver an economy that works for everyone.

Source: NC Justice Center