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Paid Sick Leave Bill Introduced in NC Legislature

Jeremy Sprinkle
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CAT Bus operator, union member speaks at press conference

The NC State AFL-CIO has joined with 33 other organizations - including AARP, ACORN, and the NC Justice Center - to push for passage of the Healthy Families and Healthy Workplaces Act, legislation which would allow North Carolina workers to earn up to 56 hours per year in paid sick leave.

Last week our coalition, NC Paid Sick Days Campaign, held a press conference at the General Assembly, where Capital Area Transit bus driver and member of ATU 1328, Blair Brown, spoke about why paid sick leave is important for all workers, not just those lucky enough to have a union contract:

"In January, my wife had an accident in Charlotte, NC, which put her out of work. Because I had accumulated paid sick leave, I was able to stay with her in Charlotte while she had an operation and to bring her home while she recovered from surgery. I was also able to take care of her at home for a while."

"My wife's employer does not offer any paid sick leave. Everyday that she was out of work, that was a day of missed pay for us."