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"Out of Control in Raleigh" tour exposes extremist agenda

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Bigger than just Art Pope

North Carolina's legislature is out of control -- and it's time to speak out and push back.

The legislature's "midnight attack" on our state's teachers in January revealed their willingness to ram through an extreme agenda, no matter what it takes. They continue to attack our voting rights, too, pushing for a discriminatory voter ID law, withholding funds for Early Voting, and more.

Please join us at a public forum about how these hard-line conservatives are turning back the clock, who's bankrolling their agenda, and what it means for our lives.

Featured speakers (depending on location) include MaryBe McMillan of the N.C. AFL-CIO, Chris Kromm of the Institute for Southern Studies, Chris Fitzsimon or Rob Schofield of N.C. PolicyWatch, and Robert Dawkins, Nancy Shakir or Linda Sutton from Democracy North Carolina.

You'll have a chance to ask questions and share your perspective, too.

Come to a forum near you

After the success of our first-ever Art Pope Exposed town hall in December, we decided to take the show on the road - and broaden the message. Art Pope may be the most dangerous man in North Carolina politics, but the extremist agenda he helped put into action is bigger than him and affects everyone in our state. Folks outside of Raleigh need to know about it.

In Fayetteville - RSVP for Fayetteville

When: Tuesday, February 7th at 6pm
Where: Bordeaux Branch Library, 3711 Village Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304-1530
Speakers: Rob Schofield, Chris Kromm, MaryBe McMillan, Nancy Shakir

In Asheville - RSVP for Asheville

When: Wednesday, February 8th at 7pm
Where: West Asheville Library, 942 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806
Speakers: Rob Schofield, Chris Kromm, MaryBe McMillan, Robert Dawkins

In Winston-Salem - RSVP for Winston-Salem

When: Thursday, February 9th at 7pm
Where: First Baptist Church Chapel, 700 Highland Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Speakers: Chris Fitzsimon, Chris Kromm, MaryBe McMillan, Linda Sutton

The Out-of-Control-in-Raleigh tour is sponsored by Democracy North Carolina, Institute for Southern Studies, North Carolina AFL-CIO, N.C. Policy Watch, and Progress North Carolina.

For more information contact Adam Sotak at [email protected] or call 919-286-6000 ext 11.