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Our message to President Obama about the State of the Union

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan recorded our message to President Obama in advance of his State of the Union address tonight:

“We applaud President Obama for recent steps he has taken on his own to require federal contractors to pay a higher minimum wage and for providing federal employees with more paid sick leave, and he is right to call on Congress to go further by raising the federal minimum wage. We appreciate what President Obama has done to help workers, but it is not enough.

“Talk is cheap when what all North Carolina workers really need is bold action to raise wages. We need not only to raise the minimum wage but also to guarantee that all workers can exercise the power of collective bargaining to win back the wage increases and profit-sharing too long denied to us by corporate America. And we need to keep good jobs in America – that means no ‘fast track’ for dangerous trade agreements that would only worsen inequality.

Read the rest of our statement about the State of the Union.