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Oped: Don't let cynicism steal your vote, NC!

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Voting is the only way to reclaim our democracy

The Charlotte Observer published an oped this week written by Sister Simone Campbell of the famous "Nuns on the Bus", which recently brought their nationwide "We the People - We the Voters" tour to North Carolina, and MaryBe McMillan, secretary-treasurer of the NC State AFL-CIO.

In their oped, Sister Campbell and MaryBe urge North Carolina workers to defy the big money noise machine flooding our elections with dark money to turn working family voters into stay-at-home cynics by doing just the opposite - voting and doing so in record numbers!

In the face of such an avalanche of money, the temptation for some is to become cynical and disengage from politics in general, and voting in particular, because that seems easier.

But that response hurts this state and our nation as a whole.

In recent days, the Nuns on the Bus and their supporters have stopped in Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, Asheville and Charlotte, spreading the word that the only way to reclaim our democracy so it works for ALL the people, not just the wealthy, is to show up at the polls in record numbers. The truth is that dollars can’t vote, but people can.

At the end of the campaign, your power to vote is the only power that counts, says Sister Campbell and MaryBe.

"The one thing politicians fear above all else is not being elected. Our votes count. It’s all about democracy."

Don't be tricked into giving up your power!

Don't let your co-workers / friends / family members give into the cynicism that could steal their votes.


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Pictured above: Sister Simone Campbell (left) and MaryBe McMillan