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New TV Ad Campaign for Employee Free Choice

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Ads call for economy that works for everyone again

Union members, families, friends and allies turned out in force November 4, 2008 to take a message of hope and change all the way to the White House.

Now is the time for action. American Rights at Work has debuted two new television ads - part of a $3 million ad buy - in support of the Employee Free Choice Act, federal legislation that would put the choice of how and when to form a union back in the hands of workers - not corporations.

These two spots, entitled "Hope and Change" and "We Don't Ask" make the case that the Employee Free Choice Act is key to having an economy that works and works for everyone again:

We need members' financial support urgently to keep ads like these on the air and to fight back against the $200 million anti-worker corporate campaign. Union members and their local unions can donate to the Turn Around America Fund and help fight for America's workers.