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NELP: 70 Years of Data, No Evidence Raising Wages Kills Jobs

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Minimum wage opponents have been saying the same, wrong thing since 1938

Historical evidence suggests a common refrain of minimum wage hike-opponents belongs in the dustbin of history.

A survey of 70 years of data by the National Employment Law Project found NO evidence minimum wage hikes effect employment levels.

“To the contrary, in the substantial majority of instances (68 percent) overall employment increased after a federal minimum-wage increase. In the most substantially affected industries, the rates were even higher: in the leisure and hospitality sector employment rose 82 percent of the time following a federal wage increase, and in the retail sector it was 73 percent of the time.”

Read a summary of the NELP report.

The NC State AFL-CIO is part of a growing coalition of groups, businesses, and working people campaigning for North Carolina lawmakers to increase the totally inadequate state minimum wage to $15 and hour, phased in over 5 years.

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