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NCOSH Offers Training for Unions on Health & Safety

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Knowledge is power to stay safe on the job

The North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Project is a non-profit, statewide organization that provides referrals for workers injured on the job and publishes fact sheets to alert workers of their legal rights under OSHA. They also conduct special training for employees and employers. A sample of the training modules offered by NCOSH include:
  1. Worker and Union Roles in Safety and Health - 2hr 40min (can be adapted to fit shorter time frame)
    • Hazards on the Job (30 min.)
    • Body Mapping Activity (40 min.)
    • Attitudes About Workplace Injuries, Illnesses and Hazards (45 min.)
    • Management and Union Goals for Workplace Safety and Health (45 min.)
  2. Identifying Hazards in the Workplace - 6hr 25min (can be done across multiple sessions)
    • Methods to Identify Hazards on the job (30 min.)
    • Sources of Safety and Health Information (30 min.)
    • Controlling Hazards and the "Hierarchy of Controls" (45 min.)
    • Mapping Activities (1 hour, 45 min.)
    • Workers' Legal Rights to Health and Safety Information (45 min.)
    • Reading and Interpreting OSHA 300 Logs (1 hour, 10 min.)
    • Developing and Conducting Surveys (1 hour)
  3. Health and Safety Rights of Workers and their Unions - 6hr 5min (can be done in parts)
    • Introductory Workers' Rights Activity (20 min.)
    • Intro to Legal Health and Safety Rights (15 min.)
    • The OSHAct (60 min.)
    • Legal Rights to Health and Safety Information (60 min.)
    • Using Your Legal Rights Safety and health Information (45 min.)
    • OSHA Complaints and Inspections (60 min.)
    • Workers Rights Not to be Retailiated Against for Using OSHA Rights (60 min.)
If a union is interested, please contact Joyce Gamarra at the NCOSH office at 336-617-8141 or at her cell 336-202-5390 or by email [email protected].