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National Labor College is tailor-made for full-time workers

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Are you or is someone you know trying to complete a college degree?

If so, now is the time to do something about it, and the National Labor College (NLC) can get you started toward completing your degree as soon as this Fall.

The NLC’s program is tailor-made for full-time working men and women like you. Call 1-888-427-8100 or click here to visit for more information.

With NLC, you can expand your job skills, increase your salary, enhance your job security and improve your job satisfaction while finishing your degree.

Apply by Aug. 6 to be eligible for financial aid and scholarships.

Visit or call 1-888-427-8100 to get more details and apply.

Worried that your full-time work schedule won't give you enough time to go to class? The National Labor College offers degrees with an online format so you can manage your coursework and pace to fit your schedule. You also can receive college credits for what you have learned through trainings and work experience.

And NLC is the only accredited labor college dedicated to educating union members and their families. Tuition is highly discounted for union members (about $300 per credit).

What if you aren't a union member? You can join our community affiliate, Working America, and get the discount. And Union Plus scholarships also are available to help with tuition costs.

NLC offers online bachelor’s degrees and certificates in:

Call 1-888-427-8100 or click here to visit for more information. Take the first step and apply today!

The NLC offers an array of financial aid options so you don't have to worry about how to pay for your degree. You can find out more about financial aid here. You could complete your degree in less than two years for less than $10,000. 

If you apply now, take 50 percent off the application fee—and you can start taking classes in September.