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N.C. voters favor strengthening laws to protect workers

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Wage theft, child labor, and workers' comp

We noticed strong support for strengthening laws to protect workers when NC Policy Watch released results of its September Carolina Issues Poll of North Carolina voters.

For example, 4 out of 5 voters want tougher laws and tougher enforcement to protect employees when employers steal the wages they are lawfully entitled to receive. Almost two-thirds of voters say child farm workers should have the full protection of child labor laws. And all employers should be required to prove they carry genuine insurance policies to cover workplace injuries, said 72 percent of voters surveyed.

Voters want a crackdown on employers who steal workers' wages.

Voters care about protecting child farm workers even if Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry doesn't.

Voters say employers must carry insurance to cover injured workers.

The survey of North Carolina voters also revealed support for requiring employers to tell workers in writing whether they are employees or "independent contractors" and support for paid family leave. Click here for the complete results of the Carolina Issues Poll.

We need a new legislature to pass these reforms

Do you agree with voters in this survey? Do you want our state legislature to enact worker-friendly policies? If you believe, as we do, that what's good for workers is good for business and good for North Carolina, then you are on the wrong side of those who currently control our state legislature. Support your union's endorsed legislative candidates in the 2012 election!