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MUST SEE VIDEO: Romney's Bain selling out American workers to China

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Sensata Co. case-in-point of how Romney's firm values greed more than you

Mitt Romney wants people to believe that he doesn’t know anything about benefiting from shipping good, American jobs to China. But this new video exposes the truth.

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Our own USW sisters and brothers have had their plants bought by Bain and their jobs slashed.  And right now, in Freeport, Ill., some 170 workers at an auto sensor plant are sleeping in tents to protest Bain-owned Sensata Technology’s decision to ship their jobs to China.

"There are two Sensata plants that we know of - two that we've investigated in China -and the workers get 99 cents an hour," says Charles Kernaghan, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, in the video. "This has very little to do with politics and everything to do with the moral fabric of our country."

"Before I knew anything about Bain Capital, I actually kinda liked Mitt Romney," says Mary Jo Kerr, a Sensata employee. "You know, I thought, 'He's gonna create jobs. He's gonna save America.'"

"So when I found out about this, it's like, 'OK, you really aren't doing what you say you're gonna do. You aren't gonna create American jobs because the companies you profit off of are sending jobs, and you're not doing anything about it."

This video is the story of what happened when Bain Capital took a perfectly profitable, productive factory in America and shut it down because already being rich isn't good enough for Mitt Romney.

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