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Moncure Plywood Strikers Need our Help

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Moncure Plywood workers are on strike

Strike enters third month

The workers voted overwhelmingly to strike on July 20 after bosses gave a take-it-or-leave-it final contract offer that would mandate 60-hour work weeks, weaken the seniority clause in a way that could lend itself to favoritism, discrimination and racism, increase health insurance premiums by over 300 percent, and give fewer holidays off. Workers also raised concerns about unfair labor practices and safety violations.

Now is the time for us to show our solidarity with the union members at Moncure Plywood. Local Lodge W369 is asking for our help, including supporters to walk the picket line. The plant is located at 306 Corinth Rd, Moncure, NC in Chatham County - about a 30 minute drive south-west from Raleigh.

The striking Moncure workers also need our financial support. You can make a contribution by sending a check to:

IAMAW Local Lodge W369
P.O. Box 318
Moncure, NC 27559

For More Information Contact: Melvin Montford (901) 619-1967 or IAM W369 President Lewis Cameron (919) 770-5836