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Mitt Romney brings his Etch-A-Sketch to Asheville

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Working people aren't buying it

When Mitt Romney and his allies gathered this week in Asheville, working families are getting ready to head to the polls on October 18 when early voting begins in North Carolina.

Union members joined a few dozen others to protest outside the Romney rally.  WLOS ABC 13 news covered the action.

For months, Romney has been touting economic policies including an enormous tax plan that will make the rich richer while slashing funds for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, our schools, healthcare, and other vital programs.  Union volunteers are engaged in an unprecedented ground campaign including workplace leafleting, direct mail, and phone banking to talk about what a Romney-Ryan economy would look like for working families and encourage friends and neighbors to take advantage of early voting and make their voices heard at the polls.

“Romney’s lopsided economic policies continue to reward the rich with huge tax cuts at the expense of programs important to middle class families, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security,” said Western North Carolina Central Labor Council President, Mark Case. “Working North Carolinians refuse to be sacrificed to make the rich richer. We will be out at the polls as soon as they open on October 18 to let Romney know that working families deserve better.”

“At a time when North Carolina’s working families are still hurting, we can’t afford more tax cuts for the rich that are paid for by slashing funds for our schools, healthcare, or public safety,” said Alan Jones, President of USW Local 507 in Canton, NC.  “These are the kinds of investments we need to grow our middle class.”

Union vets and others protest Mitt Romney's stop in Asheville Oct 12 2012

Union vets and others protest Mitt Romney's stop in Asheville, NC on Thursday.