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Mike's Take on the NCGA: #HB2

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Hopefully calmer, wiser heads will prevail

In the third and last installment of our 3-part video series featuring General Counsel Mike Okun discussing issues that will be important to working people when state lawmakers return to Raleigh next week, Mike gives his take on North Carolina's controversial and discriminatory House Bill 2 (HB2), the governor's executive order, and his hopes for how the General Assembly will respond to the fallout.

"The purported reason for calling the special session was to override a Charlotte anti-discrimination ordinance and particularly a provision dealing with public accommodations for our transgendered citizens," says Mike, "but H.B.2 did three other things that affect workers that were both unannounced and unexpected."

"Our state is in desperate need of good paying jobs, and H.B.2 is chasing those jobs away."

Watch Mike's Take on H.B.2:

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