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A Message from the Unions of Today's AFL-CIO

Jeremy Sprinkle
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WATCH: Labor Day TV Ad

The AFL-CIO is marking Labor Day 2010 with national T.V. and radio ads that will be broadcast this weekend during Major League Baseball games, the NASCAR Pep Boys 500 on Sunday, and the NCAA football season opener - Boise State v. Virginia Tech - on Monday. Watch the T.V. spot:

The ads aren't political, but they frame our collective effort between now and the November election to keep the people whose policies drove our economic car into a ditch from retaking the keys, says AFL-CIO public affairs person, Denise Mitchell:

"The ads will remind television viewers and radio listeners that it's working people working together who've always moved our country forward -- making things, innovating, building our country, keeping our communities safe, strengthening the future for our children and so much more."

This election will be a defining moment for working people

This Labor Day, the AFL-CIO is calling for policies that will help us build broadly shared prosperity and for the election of people who support:

  • Putting America to work immediately.
  • Building a middle-class economy.
  • Restoring job quality and quality of life.
  • Protecting Main Street, not Wall Street.

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