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Member Spotlight: Yvonne Kinston (CWA)

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Member Spotlight is a new, recurring blog post series intended to highlight and connect the dots between the programs and priorities of the NC State AFL-CIO and the leaders and activist members of our affiliates who make it all possible.

My name is Yvonne Kinston, and I am a member of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 3680 living in Fayetteville, NC. Since 2019, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the Fayetteville City Council.

What drew me to running for office was the need for working people to have a voice on the City Council, someone who would make sure democracy works in a way that treats workers fairly and justly. For me, that’s making sure we get paid livable wages and have safe places to live in homes we can afford. Plus I love being a problem solver and seeing the accomplishments that come from doing my research, looking for resources, and bringing people together to get results. I don’t want to take “no” for an answer. I want to know what it will take to get to “yes”. We didn’t have that kind of representation where I lived, and I felt that if I could fill that role and tackle the issues that weren’t being addressed in my community, it would make our city stronger.

Union members already know how to use our collective voice to bring democracy into our workplaces, and I want people to know we can use that same power to revitalize democracy in our communities. The fact is, wherever you live, your local government is making choices that affect you and your family daily. That decision making process needs to start with the people most affected and work its way up to our leaders. When it doesn’t, we can do more than vote to hold them accountable. We can use our organizing know-how and our passion to fight for what’s right and run for office to be the agents of change our communities need.