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Meet Mr. 1%

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Getting to know Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney made his fortune by selling out America's workers. He did anything to build his wealth, including eliminating jobs, bankrupting businesses, and stashing money in overseas tax shelters. He admits that he likes "being able to fire people."

Mitt Romney jokes that he's "unemployed," but he lives a life of privilege. He's been hiding most of his tax returns, so we don't know exactly how much he profited from his greedy tactics. It's estimated he's worth $190 million to $250 million.

Mitt Romney thinks the way to fix our economy is to give even more money to his mega-millionaire cronies. That's why he wants to cut taxes for wealthy corporations. After all, he says, "Corporations are people."

AFL-CIO has produced a short video to introduce the likely Republican nominee for President to union members and their friends, families, and supporters.

Click here to watch "Meet Mr. 1%", and we are sure you'll agree. Mitt Romney is out of touch with middle-class America. We hope you'll screen "Meet Mr. 1%" at your next local union or council meeting [please let us know if you do!].