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McDonald's mocks underpaid workers with "tips"

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Company pours gasoline on the fire causing workers to strike

Need help not going hungry, making extra cash, or not having a heart attack from stressing out over working hard but hardly surviving on a job at McDonald's? Ronald McDonald is here to help!

Watch this video by Low Pay is Not OK.

Ignoring the maxim, "When you're in a hole, stop digging" - having been busted telling struggling workers how to apply for public assistance and helping them budget better by getting a second job, the world's largest fast food chain this week appeared to double down by offering more tips on its "McResources" website. Ronald McDonald's tips include:

Why does McDonald's say stuff like this? Because they are clueless, yes, but also because they know they do not pay their workers enough to live! Literally no one can survive on $7.25 an hour.

Finally, McDonald's workers, like workers at other fast food companies, are reaching their resistance point and fighting back by going on strike and staging rallies and press conferences to call attention to the fact that low pay is not okay and everyone pays a price for the fast food industry's poverty-level wages.