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McCain Says He Would Block Free Choice Act

Jeremy Sprinkle
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McCain RevealedWould veto “in a New York minute”

Today, speaking to CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, McCain made clear once again his anti-worker, anti-union outlook:

I will do everything in my power to block such legislation. And imagine, Sen. Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pushing the union agenda, it would be very, very, very unfortunate.

From the AFL-CIO Blog:

Let’s see. Along with the freedom to form unions, what other “very, very, very unfortunate” items are on the “union agenda“?

There’s quality, affordable health care for all and we can’t forget good jobs with good wages.

Then there’s retirement security and quality public education and affordable higher education.

How about fair trade agreements that don’t ship U.S. jobs overseas and trade agreements that protect workers’ rights and the environment?

Who exactly does John McCain think will find this agenda so unfortunate?