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MaryBe McMillan talks "South" on The Rick Smith Show

Jeremy Sprinkle
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"We're gonna be the movement for all workers"

Progressive, syndicated radio host and Teamster Rick Smith of The Rick Smith Show in Pennsylvania invited North Carolina State AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer MaryBe McMillan on the program this week to talk about her provocative essay, Organize the South or Die, which will be the subject of discussion at the national AFL-CIO convention in Los Angeles.

Asked about the fast food workers' strikes and Walmart workers' actions spreading to the South, MaryBe agreed with Rick that "we've got to be organizing the low-wage, service sector jobs."

"We have to show people that we're not destined to become a Walmart society. We've got to fight back against corporate greed. We've got to fight back against this view that corporate greed is acceptable but workers asking for their fair share is not. If these companies are making billions, we shouldn't be debating that they can pay workers a living wage."

Listen to MaryBe McMillan talk about organizing the South on The Rick Smith Show: