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MaryBe McMillan talks to <em>News & Views</em> for Labor Day

Jeremy Sprinkle
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The state of working in North Carolina

NC State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan sat down for an interview with Chris Fitzsimon of the radio program News & Views, which will air this Sunday at 6:50am on WRAL 101.5, again at 7:30am on WCMC 99.9, and will be available by Monday for listening online at the NC Policy Watch website.

Click here for a preview of MaryBe's interview.

Just this week the North Carolina Justice Center's Budget & Tax Center released a series of reports about the (sorry) state of working in North Carolina. One report details what they called the "Lost Decade for North Carolina's Working Families."

From 2001 to 2010, total employment in North Carolina decreased! By the end of the decade, there were fewer jobs than when the decade began. More people with jobs have low-wage work than in 2001, and almost a quarter of North Carolina's population - over 500 thousand people - live below the federal poverty line of just $22k/yr for a family of four.

Sorry state of working in North Carolina: fewer jobs after ten long years.

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