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Mapping Our Absurd Immigration Process

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Not as simple as you think

As is the case for many things in life, immigrating to the United States is easier said than done.

Immigration policy is immensely complex and has enormous implications for America’s working people.  Complex subjects can be difficult to talk about without falling back on trite oversimplifications like "legal vs. illegal".

Sometimes a visual aid can make a big difference in understanding.  Enter this immigration map, a handy graphic to have the next time you find yourself part of a discussion of our nation's broken immigration system.

Opponents of illegal immigration are fond of telling foreigners to "get in line" before coming to work in America. But what does that line actually look like?  How many years (or decades) does it take to get through? Try it yourself!

Immigration Map - What Part of Illegal Don't You Understand

Immigration Map - What Part of Illegal Don't You Understand? (Click to view full-size)