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Major statewide action against wage theft (4/3)

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Workers speak out against wage theft and for $15 and a union!

Proving they are at the vanguard of efforts to Organize the South, fast food workers have expanded their campaign for $15 and the right to form a union to include speaking out against wage theft.

On March 13, workers in three states joined seven lawsuits against McDonald's, charging the company shorted workers checks, forced workers to be at work off the clock, and failed to pay overtime.

On March 18, workers in over 30 cities including Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte spoke out.

On April 3, workers will be stepping up the pressure to put an end to wage theft.

What: Workers speak out against wage theft
When: Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 5:30 PM
Where: 3814 N Duke St Durham, NC 27704

Wage theft isn't just morally wrong, it is a crime - a crime so rampant in the United States that, according to the Economic Policy Institute, low-wage workers are robbed more than banks, convenience stores, and gas stations combined!

On April 3, fast food workers from across NC will travel to Durham to take a stand and demand that corporations in the multi-billion dollar fast food industry pay workers for every minute they work and give them every penny they earn.

Workers in North Carolina, across the South, and across the nation are uniting to say, "Enough is enough! Stop stealing our wages!"

Join us at the speak out on April 3rd to stand with workers against wage theft!

Sign Raise Up for 15's petition if you agree that "No one deserves to be robbed by their boss – it’s time to make sure every McDonald’s employee receives the legal wage they deserve."

Grab the flyer for the wage theft speak out April 3rd.

Grab the flyer for the wage theft speak out April 3rd.