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Looks like we're keeping good company

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Koch Bros. / Art Pope network publish North Carolina 'hit list'

Is there a vast left-wing conspiracy in North Carolina? The folks at Art Pope's right-wing think tank Civitas Institute seem to think so.

This week Civitas announced publication of a new website, "Mapping the Left", to connect the dots between the people, groups, and funders of the 'Red Menace'.

North Carolina's unions - including the state AFL-CIO and some of our affiliates like the American Postal Workers Union, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, and the Southern Piedmont Central Labor Council - are, as ever, targets of the right-wing for our dastardly efforts to raise wages, organize workers, and hold politicians accountable for undermining working families, students, retirees, and the unemployed.

We will never be intimidated by right-wing bullies in our efforts to improve the lives of working families in North Carolina, and thanks to Civitas hard work, we find ourselves in good company:

Civitas' hit list goes on and on, naming not just organizations but people connected to them - like our leaders James Andrews, MaryBe McMillan, and the entire staff and executive board of our state federation.

The common thread that seems to run through Meeting the Left is that all the groups and people Civitas targeted, in one way or another, oppose some or all of Art Pope's extremist agenda - which makes sense since Civitas is (almost) entirely funded by Art Pope.

Want to see how one man funds a vast right-wing network in North Carolina? Check out this graphic, The World of Art Pope, published by Indy Week.

For laughs, check out the parody site Mapping the Right.

Pictured above is the top-level map of groups and their connections as asserted by the creators of