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Local Unions Needed for Health Care Reform

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Health Care for America Now (HCAN) represents a broad grassroots mobilization here in North Carolina and around the country to guarantee quality, affordable health care for everyone.

Our coalition represents more than 30 million people nationwide from a large and diverse group of labor unions - including the AFL-CIO and NC State AFL-CIO - community organizations, faith-based groups, advocacy groups, health care providers, small businesses, and individuals, and our support is growing daily.

The HCAN campaign is organized around a set of principles about what health care reform must look like for it to ensure access to high quality, affordable health care for everyone. The campaign is already an important grassroots force for progressive health care reform, and the North Carolina coalition grows every day.

I support Health Care for America NowAsk your local union to join the campaign

We are asking all local unions in North Carolina to sign on as coalition partners and lend their name to the cause of health care reform.

For more information about the North Carolina coalition, contact Dustin Bayard at Raleigh ACORN at 919-247-3726.