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Listen to MaryBe McMillan's podcast with <em>The North Carolinian</em>

Jeremy Sprinkle
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MaryBe McMillan talks ‪HB2‬, Drumpf, and why we ‪‎Fight For 15‬ and a union

NC State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan recently sat for an interview with podcaster James Kotecki of The North Carolinian.

We discuss the use of anti-union fear as a political tool, the one thing she likes about Donald Drumpf, the devious distraction of House Bill 2, and why the fight for a higher minimum wage gives her hope.

"I think it's great to raise the minimum wage," said McMillan. "It's great to recognize employers through living wage certification who are doing the right thing and paying their workers a decent wage."

But ultimately, workers shouldn't be dependent on the goodness of their employers or at the mercy of policy makers to earn a decent living.

"Union" is about empowering working people. We have an imbalance, not just of wealth, but of power in this country. And that's why it's so important for workers to organize, to be able to have a say in their employment, in the conditions of their employment, so it's important to realize it's about fifteen and a union.

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