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Lend a hand to help workers win this November

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Are you in?

Extremist politicians in North Carolina, like State House Speaker Thom Tillis, State Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger, and Gov. Pat McCrory, are siding with bosses, not working people—but you can stop them!

Text NC to 235246 to join our Labor 2014 campaign.

Lend a hand to help workers win this November. Sign up to volunteer in the upcoming election.

We'll follow up with simple, focused, and meaningful ways you can help make 2014 the year workers in North Carolina stand up and win for ourselves and our families by standing together.

Download this flyer

Download this flyer

We’re ready to kick extremist, anti-worker politicians in North Carolina - like Thom Tillis -out of office. Are you ready too?