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Labor 2008: Building the Movement

Jeremy Sprinkle
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The state federation has developed a strategic plan that includes hands-on support for central labor councils, APRI and the Alliance for Retired Americans.

We have conducted two very successful trainings for Labor 2008 political coordinators. At the meetings in Charlotte and in Fayetteville, President Andrews and Secretary-Treasurer McMillan facilitated the discussion and got commitments from local leaders on a number of action points.

Special thanks to Southern Piedmont CLC president Will Cashion, Greater Sandhills CLC president Tony McKinnon and area labor leaders.

In addition to the regional political coordinator trainings, the North Carolina State AFL-CIO is sponsoring a one day training session on the national AFL-CIO economic education effort called “An Economy that Works for All.” This training is intended for political coordinators, legislative chairs and union staff who, after going through the training, will be able and willing to deliver the presentation to their local union and other unions in the area. This training session will take place at our state office on Thursday, Feb.28, 2008.

Also, to support Labor 2008 and other important programs, we are working to re-build central labor councils around the state. This work includes some financial assistance to staff some of the program work in each area.

Already we can report the Southeastern CLC in Wilmington is now re-building its membership base with the help of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO and has just elected new officers.