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Knowledge is Power for Labor School '08 Class

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Over 70 union members, including local union officers, shop stewards, and up-and-coming leaders from two dozen affiliates gathered on the campus of UNC-Wilmington from June 22-27 for the 2008 Carolina Labor School.

Students at this year's school took courses on state labor law, political mobilization, dispute resolution, and workers' compensation. National AFL-CIO staff were also on hand to inform students on our Turn Around America campaign.

One of the many benefits for members attending Labor School is seeing themselves as part of a larger union movement - not just at the state level but globally as well. For the second year in a row, we screened a documentary film to illustrate the point.

The film this year, Morristown: In the air and sun, challenged students to identify their response to low wages or unsafe working conditions - the union - as the same way to achieve justice for all in a global economy, inside our borders and beyond.

Many thanks to the instructors, Tracy Chang and Marc Cryer from UAB / CLEAR, state fed General Counsel Mike Okun, FLOC organizer Nick Wood, national AFL-CIO field staff Carlos Carillo, and attorney Valerie Johnson for leading our workshops.

Special thanks are reserved to you, our members, for your continued support of the educational programs of the NC State AFL-CIO. Without the commitment you and your membership have to North Carolina's union movement, the Carolina Labor School would not be possible.

2008 Labor School Shining Stars

Pictured above, left to right, are the 2008 Carolina Labor School "Shining Star" Award winners: Angela Chambers, ATU 1493; Kathy Lynch, USW 959; Matt Ackerman, UAW 5285, and Bobby Graham, USW 9-738.

You can see more pictures from the 2008 Carolina Labor School by visiting our Flickr photostream.