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Keep fair judges on the Court of Appeals

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Show solidarity w/our endorsed judicial candidates

The North Carolina Court of Appeals is the first stop for justice after our trial courts. Many cases handled at the Court of Appeals affect the lives of workers, consumers, parents, and business. That is why it is so important that we do everything we can to keep fair judges on the Court of Appeals.

Earlier this year, representatives of local unions from across North Carolina gathered to interview candidates and vote on endorsements. The Committee on Political Education (COPE), as it's called, voted to recommend the endorsement of three judges for the Court of Appeals.

We are proud to support Judge Linda McGee, Judge Wanda Bryant, and Judge Cressie Thigpen. These judges have written us a letter thanking our members for your support and asking for your help to overcome a flood of corporate Super-PAC spending and win in November:

We deeply appreciate the endorsement of the AFL-CIO as we seek to keep our seats on the North Carolina Court of Appeals in this year's election.

We are writing to request your help. We have elected to participate in North Carolina's public campaign financing program that is designed to keep our courts independent and free from the influence of big money. Our participation in public campaign financing has limited the amount of money we can raise.

We believe a super PAC has been formed in North Carolina to help our opponents. We cannot raise any more money to fight the influence of a super PAC.

The AFL-CIO endorsed us because we are experienced, incumbent and fair judges. Although your members cannot make any further financial contributions to us, they can help us by contributing their time.

Would you ask your members to volunteer to contribute two or more hours during early voting and on election day to work the polls in their local precincts for us?

We will be pleased to provide a sign-up sheet to distribute to your members and they can visit our website at to volunteer. We will promptly respond to them and confirm their dates of participation.

This time contribution will be very important to us as we campaign across our large state on very small budgets. Thank you again for all your strong support.


Judge Linda McGee

Judge Wanda Bryant

Judge Cressie Thigpen

Answer the call for support from Judges McGee, Bryant, and Thigpen. Together we can overcome the influence of right-wing Super PACs and keep fairness on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

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