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Keep calm and have a "Labor Sabbath" before Labor Day

Jeremy Sprinkle
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Include "labor unions" in your Labor Day worship service

Have you ever said or heard the words "Labor Union" in a worship service?

We invite you to join other people of faith to speak up on Labor Sabbath - the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before Labor Day (September 1).

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Labor Unions are as tried and true as your grandmother’s toaster. Unions are a handy way for people to get together and have a say at work about their work. From cashiers at your favorite taco shop to teachers at the local university, unions help people work with dignity and fairness. We are workers and religious people who think that the words "Labor Union" are worth saying out loud in places of worship on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before Labor Day.

Commit to saying the words "labor union" in your worship service the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday before ‪Labor Day.

Please consider saying the words "Labor Union" in a prayer, a story, a song, or a sermon at the service of worship in your faith community the weekend before Labor Day, 2014. If you would like to invite someone in the labor movement to come speak with your congregation about the importance of labor unions, please let us know!

Download this flyer

Download this flyer

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