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It's Past Time for Bargaining Rights at TSA

Jeremy Sprinkle
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AFGE is the union for TSASign the petition to give TSOs a Voice @ Work

Nine years is long enough for workers at the Transportation Security Administration to go without collective bargaining rights. Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has the power to grant this basic human right to Transportation Security Officers. The federal employees union, AFGE, is asking for our help to convince her to act:

"As all of you know, AFGE has been in a 9 year fight to obtain collective bargaining for the nation's Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) at our airports. The fight continues and has intensified after the nominee for the TSA Administrator, Erol Southers, withdrew his nomination.

"AFGE has created an online petition addressed to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano asking her to grant collective bargaining for the TSOs now and we're asking the AFL-CIO State Feds, CLC's, CLF's and ALF's if they will post it on their websites and ask union members throughout the country to “sign” the petition in solidarity with their brothers and sisters, 13,000 TSOs who have joined AFGE thus far, who are asking for a Voice at Work.

"The time for change is long overdue. It is time for TSOs to have full workplace rights, including the
right to bargain collectively. This is the most effective path to building the professional workforce
that our country demands and deserves. We urge [DHS Secretary Napolitano] to immediately grant collective bargaining
rights to Transportation Security Officers."

Sign the petition to DHS Secretary Napolitano to grant TSOs Collective Bargaining Rights!