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How to Thank Frontline Workers

Jeremy Sprinkle
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We are asking for your help to thank all the frontline essential workers who deliver our mail and packages, who pick, process, and stock our food, who transport us and protect our safety, who take care of us when we are sick. These workers are risking their lives to take care of us so let’s show them some love.

Share a "Thank You" message on social media

Go to our Facebook page, select a "thank you" graphic in the list of photos, and share it on your Facebook page. You can also find a full list of graphics you can post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in this Google Drive folder. Whether it’s your letter carrier, a grocery clerk, a bus driver, or a firefighter, please take a moment to thank some of the essential workers who take care of us and keep us safe.

Find "thank you" graphics.

Help frontline workers get workers' compensation

Please take action to make sure that if frontline workers contract COVID-19, they are covered by our workers' compensation system.

North Carolina House Bill 1057 creates a presumption that an essential worker who contracts coronavirus did so at work and thus will be more likely to be covered by our workers’ compensation system. The business community and some elected officials are fiercely opposed to this bill. If you want to know who stands against such a protection for frontline workers, visit our action page.

State legislators need to hear from YOU that workers’ comp for frontline workers is essential. Please take a minute to send a letter to your legislators in Raleigh, urging them to support House Bill 1057.

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